Wednesday, February 15, 2006

new stuff

just checking in with some more gestures.


willipino said...

cool. i like the bottom page. and the faces on the middle one are really nice, too. now i want to go sketch.

Kyle Marshall said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog, and I wanted to say you have some real nice sketches on here. There is alot of character in your work as well as strong draftsmanship.

If you dont mind me asking, where is it your working?

bboy said...

willipino> sketch away.. beats sitting in front of a computer all day.. haha. . I'm happy that my drawings inspire you to draw. I get inspired a lot from looking at other people's blogs as well, sometimes i just sit there copying drawings, cause I like them so much.

kyle marshall> Hey, no problem, and thank you. You do very inspiring work yourself. i actually copied a whole bunch of heads from your site (for practice only, of course). As for your question, right now I'm working at a company called Menfond, they do films and commercial work.