Monday, March 29, 2010



Sam said...

I really like these and how you put the outline around them! Very nice!

Kinman said...

I agree with the silhouette outlines :) So.. an idea for an exercise with these (if you're up for it) is to design the poses a bit more so they read clearly different from each other - one pose may represent a letter, another fit inside a square.. if it's an interaction between two ppl, you could play up opposition (a square guy vs. a triangle girl for instance).. just some ideas to add to your arsenal :)

chromasketch said...

sam: thanks.. haha my pen ran out though.. i started using a calligraphy pen to do the outlines.. it's kind of "different"

Kinman: Good idea, thanks for your suggestions! I'll give it a shot! btw I am working on that drawing video.. :D