Thursday, May 13, 2010


more compositions..


gcastro3d said...

Great work Brian!

You mentioned you drew more construction technique by drawing from Preston Blair. Do you think it's better to go through the construction process before drawing in this more gestural shape type drawing?

You also mentioned Stanchfield books. Any others you'd recommend?

Thanks and keep up the great work.


chromasketch said...

hey gcastro,

I think usually the gestural process comes before construction.. i think you can always add form to a couple of gestural lines. Some authors which suggest this approach would be Andrew Loomis and Glen Villpu.

The way i do drawing now.. i think I've combined a couple of steps with each other.. I think when you're learning it.. it's easier to break things up seperately into steps.. but after practicing the stuff individually for awhile.. sometimes you start taking shortcuts and combining things.. whether combining or keeping things seperate is good.. I'm not sure.. but.. I think if you ever run into problems in which you've combined multiple steps.. there's always the possibility of going backwards and seperating the steps once again.