Thursday, August 26, 2010


more crowds


The Ivanator said...

I love your recent sketches!

I found that whenever I want to sketch at least two people or a crowd, I'm having hard time to "capture" that moment in my head. How do you approach yours?

PS: your past videos showing your process in sketching were a delight.

chromasketch said...

I'm no expert.. but here's 3 tips... I can think of.

#1 you can cheat. draw one person at a time.. just draw one person. pick another from the crowd.. draw them and then just keep adding people to your group (made up crowd)

#2 i don't use this one.. but.. a friend told me this one.. and i try it from time to time.. draw all the people as one big shape.. and then fill in from there.

#3 i kind of use this one most of the time. try to draw everyone as a simple shape.. then go back in and refine each shape into a person... you could also use a stick figure.. just something simple to give you an idea of the relationship between multiple figures.. (draw the relationship first, then fill in likeness/detail afterwards)

the last two method you need a certain amount of memory for it.. but that comes with practice.. but like i said.. if you draw something really simple to represent what's there.. it's a lot easier to remember a simple stick figure or a simple shape then trying to remember the whole person. something simple might be a circle or oval plus 2-3 lines?