Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept 26th: sketch update


Joel Portillo said...

I’ve always love your sketches; you really inspire me to sketch often. Hey, just curious but do you sketch the people and things from your every day like drawing on the street? I find it quite difficult to do.

Thanks for sharing.

chromasketch said...

Hey Joel,

Yes.. when I do sketches they are people and things from my everyday.. mostly on the subway and bus to work and when we go out at lunch..

It is pretty tricky when you're starting out.. sometimes you just have to look at people indirectly or through reflections. At the start maybe go less for likeness and more for gesture?

Try and stay loose.. and make mistakes? Mistakes are sometimes good because when you make them it frees you up from the pressure of making a bad drawing..... i mean its good to analyze.. but.. there's a time for it.. draw it first... after you've done a bit.. analyze.. and then maybe decide what you want to fix.. and work on that.. .. and then go through the process over and over again..

I still do this...

hope that helps?

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Thank you sir, your life drawings are outstanding!

chromasketch said...

Thanks Dustin.