Monday, October 24, 2005

character stuff

well this is from work.. i wanted to post all the drawings.. but I'm worried i might get in trouble for posting stuff.. this was something from the reject pile.. or.. "wrong direction" pile.. so.. I guess it should be ok to post this. I guess everything i have so far is considered to bei n the reject pile.. but i guess i shouldn't post too many development drwings.. anyways..


Pusha V said...

Are your gesture done in ink? They look like ink to me. Nice work!

bboy said...

yeah.. i draw them with a ballpoint pen.. (jimnee light) and occasionally one of those faber castell brush pens. (can't remember if i have examples of those on here) I draw a whole bunch of them on those big sketchbook pages. the bad thing is.. they don't scan too well.. cause they're bigger than A4 size.

Virginia Valle said...

Your character stuff is GREAT :)