Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chuck Jones!!

Just thought I'd post about another cool thing I found online, maybe a lot of you are aware of it already... in my search for chuck jones information I came across a blog that had letters that chuck jones had written to his daughter when she was younger and going off the boarding school. In reading these letters there were some interesting things being said.. here's and example. I like this passage.. but I like to replace "writing" with "drawing"....

"I guess I don’t have to tell you to keep it up. If you enjoy writing you’ll unquestionably continue to do so, but I do want to say one thing: put it down as it occurs to you. Don’t subject a thought to too much scrutiny before you release it. This is the basic disease of conversation in this country. People are prone to say to themselves, is it a good thought? Is it profound? Will I be misunderstood? Will I look silly? By the time this poor little idea has been subjected to the fearful pounding of these qualifications, the time for its use has glimmered off into the distance and it is so ragged and bruised that no hint of its original spontaneity remains. Better to take a chance on being misunderstood than to be sure of being dull."

if you want to check out the site it's at, along with lots of chuck jones artwork.

Another site I came across that had some handy information on chuck jones as well as some drawings was.


GhettoFab said...

awesome links thanks! and really dig your blog/work

glad to have stumbled across it!

B! said...

Hey Mel, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoy the links, and the work!! feel free to post any suggestions!!