Sunday, June 07, 2009

some studies

some studies from Tony Fucile's "Let's do Nothing" as well as comic group "Gurihiru"


Braden said...

Nice studies Brian!

Is lets do nothing worth picking up from an animator's point of view? It looked pretty cool from the preview I had read.

B! said...

Hey Braden,

Thanks! As for your question.. its a difficult one, but I'll do my best to answer. I've never been an animator.. so sort of difficult for me to gauge whether the book is worth picking up.. for an animator..

I'll take a leap of faith and assume you're talking about posing in the book etc.. Really the book doesn't have that many pages.. so you won't find that many "animated" drawings.. some of the studies I did were actually from the Trailer that Fucile did for the book.. There was probably more drawings in that animation than the book.. The book does work fairly well as a children's book though!

Having said that.. I've been a fan of Tony Fucile's drawings.. and that's why I purchased the book myself.. I think if you like his way of drawing, it's worth a buy. There was enough in there that made me happy.. Cheaper to buy it from Amazon of course. I also bought his golden book he did with Jack Jack.. I found the quality of drawings in this book, better than that one.. the colour usage more simple in this book.. and left the lines crystal clear.. which of course was what I was interested in.

Hope that helps.

Braden said...

Hey Brian,

Thats exactly what I was looking for. I am also a huge fan of Tony's way of drawing, and was hoping that the book was similar to the jack jack golden book (which I also own. Good taste my friend!) The trailer he did was really fantastic, would have been really cool if he did a series of those instead of the book, but ah well. :)

Ill have to pick the book up at some point! Thanks a lot! :)

B! said...

No problem Braden, enjoy!

Pedro Daniel said...

Nice! ^^

B! said...

Thanks Pedro!