Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opinions wanted

Hey folks, some more sketches from me.. Just thought I'd take some time to say "opinions wanted!" criticism.. comments.. you never know what kind of helpful stuff you can pick up from other people.

The reason for this is... I was looking through my old archives.. and I found a little gem of a suggestion... this was from Feb 22 2006.. it was posted by a guy named Willy Harber, who has unfortunately discontinued his blog.. anyway.. I looked back at this post.. and it was good advice then and good advice now.. actually it falls in line with what I've been reading from the Walt Stanchfield books. I guess this bit of advice has more meaning, now that I've gone through and tried to apply this idea over and over again.... here's the piece advice for those interested.

"hey man. my suggestion would be to try to loosen up a little bit. maybe try to use less construction and more abstract shapes.it might be a good exercise to try to sketch more active stuff - people walking around, picking stuff up, etc... that'll force you to draw much faster and looser. then, when you come back to these types of sketches, you'll be able to add some of that new flavor. i need to work on the same thing."

great advice and I'm still working on it!!

anyway here's a picture to go along with the post!! anyone with helpful suggestions don't hesitate to express them!


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