Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drawing Video 006


Miss Missy said...


Your sketches are mesmerizing! I've tried and tried sketching the way you do.. what kind of practice did you / do you do to reach that point? any guidance you could provide??

A fan,

chromasketch said...

Hi Missy, Thank you for your kind comments.. in terms of practice.. I've done lots and lots of drawings over the years.. I didn't always draw this way though.. I drew in more of a constructive kind of way.. (Preston Blair).. and I did a lot of copies of work of other artists that I admire.. I guess my advice would be steady practice and to copy artwork that you like. Just try and figure out what and why an artist did what they did.. in terms of construction you could look at the preston blair book.. or loomis.. I like the Walt Stanchfield books for gestures (more in line with the way i draw now).. I was very influenced by the way Hayao Miyazaki drew.. there's a youtube video of him drawing.. in a "making of Princess Mononoke" video. Hope that helps.

gcastro3d said...

Do you think one should go through the construction process like preston blair or glenn vilppu before trying this shape type drawing you do now?


chromasketch said...

gcastro> sorry for the late response.. usually i don't look back at old messages. I don't know if you need construction before drawing this way... because in the beginning it's gesture first.. you can always figure out the construction afterwards. This stage is just about getting all the information down as fast as you can.. you can tighten up the drawing at a later time.