Friday, April 09, 2010

Video 004

Another video.. in this one.. i was using more of a shape based approach to the drawings.. I believe that using shape speeds things up quite a bit.

also just a note, I've created a new channel for all these videos... so all of the videos are more easy to find and in one place.. (was using my friend's account for the first 3 videos before)


Eric Aaron Peters said...
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Eric Aaron Peters said...

Please keep these coming! These are fantastic, and there's a lot to be learned from watching others work and see their process!

Mike said...

Thanks for posting these videos. I'm inspired by your sketching style. I look forward to seeing more!

chromasketch said...

eric> I will try.. I have a couple more videos being processed.. until i have to make more..

Mike> no prob! if it inspires you to draw, that's enough for me!

Henk said...

Hi Brian, maaaaaan its so good to scetch your scetching. In some cases, like the hunched over girl with longer hair, I didn`t understand the lines untill halfway.

I thought wait, I don`t see it, why`s he drawing clothing details on the chest, when you drew the legs it hit me, she`s hunched over and thats not clothing, its her face obscured by hair! Double checking my own drawing it was all there, just hand`t seen it haha, that was pretty fun.

Thanks for these, they`re awesome.

chromasketch said...

haha sometimes you can just draw shapes.. and it just works..